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Why choose .BZ?

  • To generate excitement around a new product launch
  • For any business that targets a young, Internet-savvy audience.
  • To keep squatters from stealing the brand recognition of your popular .COM by registering the .BZ version.
  • If your business caters to Belizean shoppers or businesses.

While .BZ is the official Top-Level Domain for Belize, a Central American/Caribbean nation, it may be registered by anyone.


  • .BZ – the Official TLD of Belize.
  • .COM.BZ – Protect your Belize brand with this domain./Commercial
  • .NET.BZ – The perfect domain for a Belize business.

Popular Websites with .bz Domains: , ,

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Cheap .bz Registration , .bz Domains only $29.99/y

Many websites in Italy use this domain, because of the abbreviation of Bolzano (de. Bozen) and the fact that the official abbreviation of the province of South Tyrol is BZ.

Many websites use the Italian subdomain Servers for the Open Source game BZFlag often use names ending in .bz.

ccTLD Information:

IANA .bz whois information

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