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Connect with an entire region with a single domain.

The .ASIA top-level domain (TLD) is an ICANN-sponsored domain extension that represents the Asia-Pacific region. A .ASIA domain gives you exposure to the region as a whole, as opposed to individual countries, such as a .JP or .CN extension. This is particularly useful for companies that conduct business in different Asian countries, because securing the .ASIA domain gives you regional recognition, makes it easier to manage your Web presence, and increases your exposure to the growing number of Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region.

If you or one of your contacts lives in the Asia-Pacific region, you can register a .ASIA domain name.

  • Reach out to the millions of Internet users in Asia with a domain that has both global recognition and regional significance.
  • Give your company, organization or event an online identity with an Asian flavor.
  • Available to individuals, businesses, organizations and community groups located in Asian countries.
  • Protect your brand from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the name recognition generated by your popular .COM.

Why choose .asia?

  • Connect with over 70 countries and more than 60% of the world’s population
  • Establish yourself in the fast-growing Asian market
  • Create an online presence with a uniquely Asian flavor

IANA — Delegation Record for .ASIA

Don’t miss your chance to connect with this untapped market. Get your .ASIA now!

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